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With Food, It’s Always A Celebration


I have been living in ‘The City of Brotherly Love’ for approximately two years now and one thing I definitely appreciate is people’s ability to find common ground, especially in Sports.

Philadelphia has much to celebrate. Just this year the Eagles won 41-33 against the Patriots and I must say, I have never seen such a big crowd gather so quickly in all my life. It was unbelievable witnessing the camaraderie of strangers as they sang the Eagles theme song, “Fly Eagles Fly! On the Road to Victory!”  in Center City.

As we watched in anticipation, I could not help but realize how every single person in the room had a plate of Spicy Buffalo Wings, Creamy Mac and Cheese and Doritos Chips in their hand.  We didn’t just come to watch the game; Sharing a meal had completed our bonding experience as our discussions hopped from explaining the game to those who were watching American Football for the first time, (I was one of those people watching for the first time) to talking about the food we had all enjoyed together.


Likewise, during this time of the year, thousands of people come out to the ball park on a hot day not only to support the Phillies Baseball team but to enjoy the traditions that come with it. The hot dogs, the popcorn, the ice cream and Water Ice! One of my favorite things to see during a ball game is the ‘Phillie Phanatic’, who is the Phillies mascot, dancing around and getting the crowd excited. On some game days, he shoots hot dogs into the crowd and if you’re lucky, you may catch one!

 Sports has a way of bringing people together especially when food is involved. It’s why bars and taverns tend to be so full during football, baseball or basketball season. The beer is cheaper, and there is a drastic increase in the number of affordable lunch and dinner deals and honestly, I live for them!  Where the cheap food is, there also will the strangers discussing gaming strategies be.

I’m pretty lucky to have witnessed an aspect of the culture here in Philly and I look forward to diving deeper into food trends and traditions and sharing it with you. In the next posts to come, you can look forward to reading stories from a diverse group of people who just love food.

That’s it for now Foodies! Comment your thoughts and your favorite celebrations that have food involved. See ya next post!





  • Shawna

    It’s amazing how food plays such an amazing role in celebration. As you’ve mention its apart of the whole experience. Its a thought that since food stimulates the sense of taste it should make the experience very memorably. Remembering that awesome pitch and that juicey full house hot dog.Looking forward to the next post;especially if it makes me feel like I’m experiencing it. Thank you for sharing. This was amazing!

  • Shauntel

    I am definitely looking forward to more of your posts! You really made me feel like I’d just hop on a plane to travel to Philly just to experience it’s food culture and feel the all the energy you have described in this blog!

  • Erin

    I love your aesthetic!! I remember the day the Eagles won, I was so psyched. I watched the crowd run through the streets while I was eating my vanilla ice-cream. Best live show ever!!! Lol 😉

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