THE BREAKFAST BURGER W. SPANISH FRIES FROM Green Eggs Cafe THOUGH 😩😍 y’all don’t even understand…I could eat here for brunch everyday.

Throwback to when we made Slow-cooked Fresh herb pesto PORK SHOULDER 😍 My mouth is literally watering. 🤤 Do you like pork?

I’m a little hungry! Anyone up for a Saturday brunch? 😍 Avocado & Toast w. Bacon and Tomato Soup

HELP! My milkshake brought all the boys to the yard 😳 lol these milkshake jokes never get old 🤣 Chocolate, cookies & cream milkshakes topped off with more ice cream.

I made white chocolate chip chocolate cookies 😍 they were so good! Do you think I should share my recipe?